Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in 2013

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With great developments in science and technology have benefited a lot with and the rising demand, newer technologies are being introduced almost every day, whether we talk about the mobile phones or laptops people are constantly looking for higher versions which could handle more workloads for them. Technology has been responsible for changing the way we live and connect these days, and with the use of these smart gadgets we have been able to conveniently manage our commitments at work and personal life. Like mobile phones / Smartphones control our twenty four hours communication with each other, a laptop controls all our office works and professional lives, although it is difficult to clearly define the responsibilities of these gadgets. Spending a little extra on them would mean more luxury for you and ease to manage your works and stay connected more efficiently than before. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive laptops 2013 for you.


10. Dell M6400

Dell M6400

This model from Dell is for the design professionals who are looking for high performance and scalability. The laptop configuration perfectly supports high end graphics, design, analysis, animation, video editing, engineering related works in the most efficient manner, making it every graphic designer and design professionals’ favorite around the world priced at USD$ 3000.


9. Acer Ferrari 1100

Acer Ferrari 1100



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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in 2013

  1. maybe write your own article instead of copying someone else. these are not computers from 2013 as I have just bought an alienware17 for $2500 whose specs almost quadruple the ones in this list

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