Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killers

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If you are afraid of robberies, street crime and other fights then you would probably die of horror when you read the list of eccentric people involved in serial killings. Most of the people in our list of Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killers are psychotic and are suffering from severe mental illnesses that force them to convert into animals and even worse – cannibals.You can’t argue with these people, you can’t talk logic with them. You can’t even ask why you. They do what they do and don’t feel shame in it. In fact many of them keep the remains of their victims as trophies to celebrate their success.Mostly they kidnap people, rape them, then strangle or stab them to death. And then they dismember their bodies, cook them and eat them. There is no limit to their insanity. I felt quite safe after finding out that almost all of them are dead by now.




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One thought on “Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killers

  1. I wrote my thesis from this at Uni. Erzsebet Bathory was not serial killer. It had a lot of money and too many possessions. Imprisoned on the basis of false statements by witnesses. At that time it was the plague, by firing wounds have healed. Therefore, many people died, but not because of murder.

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