Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

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It said that a dog is man’s best friend. So like any best friend it can give life for its owner and also take life. If you ask me…then I am sufficiently scared of even the local street dogs, let alone these humangasaurus dogs with razor sharp teeth. I happen to have the worst experience of being chased by a group of dogs, just because I tapped one of the puppies. Go figure!!! So I would just advice to stay away from all the dogs until and unless they are with their trainers or in other case they are your pets.

But since I am writing an article of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World, so if somehow you happen to come across these dogs then better keep a safe distance. Obviously these dogs are expensive ones and you won’t find them just like that but for people like us (who are afraid of alien invasion) we need to have enough know how of escaping attack by these dogs.



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35 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

  1. Where on earth do you get your information? While I agree with your assessment (generally) of intelligence, energy, and a need for exercise, companionship, and training – true of any breed of dog – this post seems to merely perpetuate a lot of stereotypes which are harmful to certain breeds, particularly pit bulls, who tend to attack because they’ve been mistreated or poorly trained. Misunderstanding and mishandling of any creature can lead them to behave like – well, an animal. With strong muscles, sharp teeth, and self-protective instincts.

  2. Wow, nice and completely unbiased picture of that pit bull you put at number one on your list. You’re going to get a lot of flack and you totally deserve it. It’s intolerant and uneducated people like you that perpetuate dog stereotypes. It’s your brand of careless sloppiness that the blogging world needs less of. Ignorance is a dangerous thing and you’ve shown yourself to be a very dangerous person indeed.

  3. Hey good blog but inadequate info about all behaviors….ppl are not concerned with truths now a days your blog creates a bad impression on dogs….
    Simply saying the dogs(i mean all the dogs on the earth)unless wild do not attack unless provoked….so suggest ppl not to provoke dogs…..don’t make them fear of dogs….dogs are really wonderful creatures….

  4. Due to lack of punctuation, your reply was fairly incoherent. What is your specific knowledge? Where are your qualifications to be disseminating this type of information? Why isn’t there anything but ridiculous spam comments on your About page? What research did you do for this article? And why did you choose normal photos for all the dogs but the pit? My opinion hasn’t changed a bit, you are still dangerous to dogs.

    1. Hey dear don’t take that personal, we just provide information related to that dogs who are best and more efficient with their work. Due to this reason they are called dangerous in our list. As we all know about the dog’s nature, they are good with their owner’s but they are not that much good for stranger,
      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Actually, I have a pit bull and he is extremely loving. When we have guests and friends over he treats them with lobe, he gives them hugs and kisses. Occasionally he eats a few pillows but of then that he has done no damage. I have has him for two years and he hasn’t hurt anyone. Him or his brother for that fact. So please stop putting pit bulls to shame. Their nature all depends on how they were raised by their own not the breed itself.

        1. Why you all are taking our article in negative way. We aleady told you that they are dangerous for enemies if you train them . There are huge varieties of pitbulls too.

      2. of course they are not good to strangers, but these dogs (pitbulls and rottweilers) are for protection. I assume that the people who own them, have them for protection. When you have a dog like these is not to make friends or to let strangers in your home, is to protect it. These dogs are extremely loyal to their owners and if they are trained well, in the presence of their owners or someone familiar, they won’t do any harm. You can’t generalize based on dogs who aren’t trained properly or strangers who enter someone’s home without their consent

  5. I am sorry but I do not see where you got ANY of your information. My grandfather is an ex cop who owns germans and he never really trains them to do anything but be house trained and know what a kennel is other than that they are just lazy fur bags that love everyone. They do need socialization with other dogs but thats about it. Also, I have met several rotts who live in family homes with babies, children and adults. Never heard of anything happening. All we well socialized and just love bugs. Worst thing that ever happened was I got knocked down, by four full grown rotts, to be licks and loved on. I have owned a pit bull. I have seen other dogs growl at her and even had a great pyrenees attack her. She didn’t do anything but run away, tail tucked, and get behind me to protect her. She was bigger by at least 20 pounds and still ran. She was a rescue and was abused as a puppy. She now lives out her days with a wonderful family (with three kids) who thought just like you until they got her. She has helped save MANY other abused dogs and bring them out of their shells. I could go on and on as I have pet sat, rescued, or had extended experience with ALL of the breeds listed here. While some information is true, it seems like the rest just got pulled out of the back end of a wanker. Also, how can ALL these dogs be on the top ten of the WORLD and not ONE is a Caucasian Mountain dog or the Central Asian Shepard? Afghan Koochee? It just seems like the is not a list of dangerous dogs of the world and more like dogs I hate but know nothing about.

  6. what the fuck pit bulls attack because they get abused and they have as much capability to bite as any other dog breed. i have seven pitbuls theyhave never attacked anyone and most pitbulls only attack when provoced or aproached by someone that looks similer to anyone that has abused them. so dont put up this bull shit if you dont know it for a fact asshole.

    1. exactly my pit bull we got at a shelter and they found him cut and beaten and chained up in an old house’s basement and he won’t go in our basement and everytime i were black shoes he attacks my feet so u are very right

  7. i have a pitbull and he is the sweetest thing ever and pitbulls are just steriotyped and all their bite reports are mixed with other teirrers in reality they have no more bites than a doxin does

  8. well..there is a big lie regarding the rottweilers… I am Romanian and I have 3 of them and it is the first time i read that this dogs are banned in my country!
    many people have them and you can find them to buy if you like!

  9. I’m not sure where you get your info from however I have two Dalmatians and have had four others in the past 25 years and they were wonderful gentle dogs! It is all in how any dog is treated and trained….. just like a human!!

  10. I’ve worked with many of these breed at a local shelter, and I have to say that you are wrong about these generalizations.I’m not just talking about my pet dog but hundreds who have gone through the shelter. Interesting fact,even though a majority of the dogs brought into/ found by the shelter are pit bulls and bully breeds the breed that goes on bit quarantine most often is labs. Breed doesn’t always matter when it comes to how dangerous a dog is, it can change on a dog to dog basis.

  11. This was a very disappointing list that played upon ridiculous stereotypes that are fabricated out of fear and ignorance. Aggression in most or all of these breeds are a result of a certain type of HUMAN that goes for muscular, athletic, potentially lethal breeds and can mistreat the poor animals to drive them to behave in an aggressive way.

    I agree that these dogs have a higher POTENTIAL to be dangerous because of their physiology: such as size, jaw strength, and speed. However, continuing the fearmongering about these breeds will only perpetuate the stereotyping that attracts the wrong kind of OWNERS who are the cause unwanted behaviors in dogs.

    Really, how many reports do we see on the daily news about terrible attacks made by papillons, pugs, Daschunds or other small breeds? I’ve never seen them. I imagine they are scarce, indeed. That is simply because small breeds are incapable physically of devastating damage that may lead to severe injury or fatalities.

    Going back to my second point: if you are going to speak about the POTENTIAL dangers of breeds, then state that clearly and don’t muddle your blog with incorrect information about the instinctual tendencies of breeds.

    That said, this is a blog, and if all of this is merely your individual opinion of dogs, then you also need to take the time to say so. Stop spreading incorrect information as fact without proper citations, it’s extremely irresponsible.

  12. You might as well have said, “power=danger” because there is nothing in these breeds’ nature to be aggressive. Poor owners MAKE their dogs aggressive by not training, exercising and socializing them properly. These dogs have a poor reputation just because they are powerful breeds. Anybody can tell you that small dogs have more issues with biting and behavioural issues BUT don’t have the power to actually harm (much).
    You might as well have added lions, bears and tigers to the damn list because this list is based on pure lack of training of animals that happen to be powerful.
    Whoever wrote this is a joke.

  13. By the way, street dogs in the global south are the best behaved dogs because there are societal expectations to leave the dogs alone. It is only uneducated people or stupid tourists who decide to humanize and/or pet street dogs when they get attacked.

    Also, you stated, ” I happen to have the worst experience of being chased by a group of dogs, just because I tapped one of the puppies. Go figure!!! – ”

    Go figure? These are one of their pups- one of their YOUNG. Of COURSE they are going to be protective and chase you away. You are incredibly stupid if you think you can go around touching babies in both in nature and human society. So so stupid.

  14. I can’t speak for these other breeds but I don’t agree with the pitbull being number one. My boyfriend’s sister and her boyfriend have one, and she has scars like she was abused not by them I should add but has never growled barked snapped or even tried to hurt any living creature in their house. She’s the biggest baby I’ve ever seen and you can’t even play fight around her without her pushing who ever has their fists raised away and she won’t move till she’s sure you’re just goofing off.

  15. The Pitbull description is absolutely ridiculous… It’s the owners and not the dogs who are responsible be it the pitbull or any other dog on the list. And the pitbull was also called the Nanny dog because of its loving nature towards children when trained properly. People have abused the dog and given it a bad name.

  16. WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! YOU ARE A COMPLETE RETARD i have been around many pitbulls and various other dogs that you say “are dangerous ” and the way you describe them are not true at all! And by the way a dogs aggressiveness has nothing to do with the breed its the owner you dumbass.

  17. Ok I get how pitbulls are on there they lock in there bite :O I had a Rottweiler but my mom gave him away she was not mean or anything but ^-^ I loved that dog

  18. I mean still though pitbulls are loving my friend has one she says there totally nice I have never ment one before I have just saw a baby one at a pet store I played with a puppy ^-^!

  19. Whatever the popular dog at the time, that is the one that will be labeled most dangerous. Pit bulls are the most popular dog to own right now, if there are far more of them than any other breed of course there will be more incidents of biting. This has been true in the past with other breeds. Pit bulls are mutts, they are no pure breeds & what is classified as a pit bull included a mix of at least a dozen breeds. I have a mix that the boys next door have made her fear strange men by hitting her in the face with a basketball to stop her barking at them because she wants to play……fear the little girl that runs behind someone she knows if you are a male. I am a DANGEROUS PIT BULL OWNER!!

  20. I have a small dog and it’s tried to bite countless people on the ankle because they have turned their back on her or tried to approach her. We tell people every time not to approach her or turn their backs on her. Doesn’t matter what WE say, everyone knows what’s best. It’s in my belief that most dog bites come from people THINKING they know a dog. If you act scared around a dog it realizes it. You have to be firm with a dog. And whatever you do, don’t move fast around a dog that is acting skittish. It really makes things worse. Seems like I’ve had far more bites from small dogs than large ones, Especially chihuahuas. But because I’ve been bitten by dogs, doesn’t mean I hate them and don’t love to have one around.

  21. ranking seems to be interesting but your articulation about their behaviours is not unacceptable becoz the owners are accountable for their dogs behaviours irrespective of what breed it is. its the owner responsibility to teach discipline and shape up the behaviour of their pets like how they they responsible for their child behaviours .don’t blame the breeds becoz its all depend upon the owners

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