Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2014

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Pharmaceutical companies discover, develop and market drugs and other health products that are used as medication or for the treatments of the patients. Their main aim is to work for the betterment of heath and care of the individuals and they strive a lot to give their best. Their products not only comprises of drugs that help in curing diseases but also contains numerous nutritional supplements and with the means of trading these products are sent in all over the world. With the advent of modern technologies, innovative and latest methods are adopted for the production of best drugs and therefore pharmaceutical industry is also expanding day by day, with a great competition every company is struggling very hard to prove itself best. Here we have the list of top 10 best pharmaceutical companies in 2014 that are renowned for their work in all over the world.

10. Abbott Laboratories

Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2014 -

It is an American global health care products and pharmaceuticals  company that has approximately 90,000 employees that are working deliberately in more than 130 countries. It was established in 1888 and had more than $35 billion in revenue, in 2010. Their main mission is to turn science into care. They claim that work for the betterment of health and care of people and their products are trustworthy nutritional brands that provide care in all steps of life. It developed the first blood screening test for HIV in 1985.


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  2. interesting how all of these pharmaceutical companies have been convicted of a range of offenses and made to pay billions in fines and criminal damages. charges including bribery, fraud, falsifying test results, concealing and failing to display safety information, and misbranding drugs, these companies are criminal entities and should not be trusted, just saying.

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