Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses 2014

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Pakistan is full of talent and the same is true for Pakistan television industry having no match in the entire world. With the introduction of new, talented personalities and with the experience of old celebrities the Pakistan television industry is grooming day by day and it is because of the entire television team that it has achieved its own destination that is recognized world widely. Pakistan drama industry is rich of versatile and outstanding actors and actresses whom flawless and outclass performances with elegant and dashing personalities have cherished millions of hearts not only in Pakistan but in all over the world. Pakistani Female actresses are multitalented having elegant styles that make them able to rock not only on the television screen but also on the hearts of their fans. These beautiful and skilled personalities with outstanding performances make a true compact that is required for superb acting. Here is the list of top 10 best Pakistani actresses 2014, check the list and see the best talent of Pakistan Television industry.




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62 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses 2014

  1. Women no matter from which country are indeed beautiful !! The most wonderful creation of god which keep a man from becoming a beast.

  2. Ayeza khan should be at the first place .she is very beautiful and talented .i am glad to see that Mahira is no more no.1 ,and Mr Sandeep Singh Pakistanis have a treasure of beauty of which we are very proud and we would never compare our beauty with your beast. we believe on the creator of this beauty because beauty is not log lasting but ALLAH [all mighty] is and will remain REMAIN the only creator of the universe.

  3. ha ha ha ha why? you ppl fighting for nothing friendship & love have no religious,

    and i love paki girls and i know i fall in love one of them one day my best >>>>>Mawra Hocane

  4. Mavra is literally amazing…..she got much talent which she is utilizing all over the world…she is so attractive

  5. saba qamar is to good model and too acting in pakistani dram induatry mis saba qamar brith and my brith same my 25 december and saba qamar brith is same we are big fun to ok and you belong to you in gujranwala and am i be live in gujranwala okay good luck and enjoy you life for saba qamar

  6. mr bull i don`t fight for religion but is ka cment galit tha so ma na apna coment da dia and har koi apni rahy ka liy free u hate or love i dont care .

  7. Don’t Go on Face bcoze face will not show the character of any person always follows those people who have some character either he /she Indian or he/she Pakistani people !!!!

  8. Zara… Muslims ko india and india k log pasand nahi to rhte q hai wo yha..?? Bill shit! !! Yh aapki galatfehmi h.. n stop fighting in name of religion.. stupid!!

    1. tia u r an idiot . bull shit its nt bill shiit .u also looks indian f*** u indians .itna makeup lagati hain indians isi lie achi lagti hain .tum stupid ho

  9. Seriously who the hell put ayesha khan as no. 1.. i have no probs with other actresses but ayesha khan is just so bhuddhi and yuck! Sorry but i dont like her acting at all!

  10. mere pakistaani bhaiyon jo ho ye sari hi actress kamal ki adakaara hain aur nihayati khoobsoorat hain…abhi tak tou sirf..mehwish, saba, amina aur sajal ko hi dekha hai zindgi channel par..i hope we will see lots more from pakistan..allah hafiz bhaiyon..

  11. The message of Islam for peace love health and stop war and stop innocent Muslims and non Muslims killings in a world from God worker international
    Respect fully shah nawaz khan bin safdar God’s worker.

  12. Your site is absolutely perfect with grandeur details.List is good but still lacks some talented actresses with less fame.One talented and courageous actress i noticed in Wardat.Saas se intiqam ,may 14-2014.A wife is attempted forcibly to do bad.The character of wife is performed in a well organised manners,overall performance of the actress is remarkable,magnificent,cute,and grandeur.An actress not reputed but with in depth characteristics should never ever be neglected.Please include those who deserve. Would you please add the actress of Wardat,Saas se intiqam.

  13. I wish to place an anthology of thanks in deference to your team efforts,i regret to say that i requested on November 30,2014 for some details and pics of a talented actress who well performed in in Wardat.Saas se intiqam ,may 14-2014.But still nothing about my request has been published on your site.This detail is a peanut for your site.Hope to find this detail soon on your site.
    Thanks a lot sir,
    Mohammad Ibrahim

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