Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cosmetic Brands

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Why do people use cosmetics? The answer to this question is very obvious. Decorating one’s face and body is one of the most persistent human behaviour. The survey has revealed that people use these cosmetics mostly for emotional reasons by eradicating the feelings of worry and guilt. These cosmetics and beauty products arouse the feeling of satisfaction by assuring the good looks and well-being. Cosmetics boost up the glow, attractiveness, likeability, competence and trustworthiness in both men and women. Cosmetics make you look younger and elegant by increasing the contrast between the natural skin tone and facial features.

Symmetrical faces are more comely and well-groomed and handsome people look more intelligent and well-off (even if they are not). Cosmetics are actually the beauty products covering the very large range from just a lip liner to foundation, perfumes, deodorants, beauty creams, hair sprays and much more. Cosmetics have power that can change the way people look at you. Your first impression is completely in your hand through cosmetics. To make you look more elegant, attractive, younger and sensational we have prepared the list of top 10 best and most popular cosmetic brands that are better than others and are a sure way to your flawless and impressive looks.


10. Maybelline

Best And Most Popular Cosmetic Brands - Maybelline

Maybelline cosmetics are being used in more than 129 countries so is the world’s leading cosmetic brands. It is an American brand covering the wide range of products as lip glosses, eyeliners, eye shadows, nail colors, mascaras, best make-up foundation and much more. Using the make-up of this brand originally make you look like an adventurous girl with glamorous looks.



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  2. Im disgusted to see how many cruelty-endorsed brands are mentioned here…
    SHAME on everyone who supports MAC, Avon, L’Oreal Clinique, Olay, Maybelline and Revlon..

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